Virus Scanner Rules to disable a specific virus scanner per ip/domain

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Mon Jan 28 15:37:50 UTC 2019

Hello to all,

I am running ClamdScan + F-Secure for VirusScanning. Can I disable clamdscan for specific domains/ips? Unfortunately in Mailscanner.conf is written it is not possible:

# This *cannot* be the filename of a ruleset.
Virus Scanners = clamdscan f-secure

We are using clamdscan with enabled macro heuristics, it is blocking sucessfully hundrets of macros per month which are viruses (macro loader in .doc for example). F-Secure is only detecting macros which they know in their signature database, which isn't much or they are too slow to add new macro-loader-viruses.

It would be perfect to disable clamdscan only for specific ips/domains, but still keep enable f-secure for them.

Any possibility :-)?

Thanks in advance!
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