Oddly missing emails

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hmm, i missed this thread, but agree here. 
cat /var/log/mail.log|egrep "reject|NOQUEUE"
If you know the source domain its sending server server_ipnumbers, then search for these in maillog and firewall log. 
I do that often these days, due to users are more using SPF/DKIM/DMARC and mail not arriving, 
They are not using SRS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Rewriting_Scheme 
Most if the time the problem is at a antispam service not using SRS. ( at least in my case ) 

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Mark is (as usual) correct in his guidance... You may have your mailscanner/postfix logs split into separate files (yes, that is unusual,but has happened in the past:-)),so be sureto findyour Postfix rejections etc in the maillog, so to be sure you get all the possible NOQUEUE: things.
I've been running pflogsumfor years, to get some readable stats on all that, even posted a few scripts for presentation purposes back inthe days... Something like that may make your searches easier (well, grep is pretty easy:-)).

But it is likely tehir system that is acting up...


-- Glenn

Den tors 31 jan. 2019 kl 19:08 skrev Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>:

On 1/31/19 5:54 AM, Danita Zanre wrote:
> Nope - and this particular message actually was received.  Today I've
> received about 3 messages and they and only they even appear in the log.
> Shawn Iverson via MailScanner wrote on 1/31/19 2:48 PM:
>> That log says that the message was written to HOLD queue.  Have
>> anything in there, by chance?

writing to the HOLD queue is the normal way messages are queued from
Postfix to MailScanner if not using the milter method.

If there is nothing in the mail_log at all for the missing messages,
they are not getting to Postfix in the first place.

As Alex suggests in another reply, they are probably sending from
multiple servers and this one gets through, but others are blocked by
some firewall rule.

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