Prevent header forgery

Monis Monther mmmm82 at
Sun Sep 2 09:08:57 UTC 2018


Is there a way to prevent users from changing the header. We do not want
the envelope to be different than the header. (i.e: header from must match

I am able to achieve all kinds of restrictions in postfix restrictions and
restriction classes, but they all apply to the envelope, however when it
comes to the header From field, then that is part of the message and the
only place to write rules for it is header_checks. I could not find a way
in header_checks that can achieve this. It cannot match two different
fields and compare them.

Am I missing something, Does MailScanner have a way to force this.

I am using postfix 2.10.1 and MailScanner 5.0.07 and dovecot 2.2.10

Best Regards
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