MailScanner 5.1.2 not working

L.P.H. van Belle belle at
Fri Oct 26 10:27:31 UTC 2018

Hai Nerijus, 

> Not everyone uses mysql (mariadb) with MTA (postfix), so I 
> don't know if After and Wants should contain mariadb.service by default.

I dont see why not, even it mysql/maria is not installed it wil not interfere with the working and startup of mailscanner.
If you look at my example.

Unit] rsyslog.service mariadb.service postfix.service clamav-daemon.service mariadb.service postfix.service clamav-daemon.service

I would even preffer this to make it even more compatible, like : 

[Unit] rsyslog.service mariadb.service mysql.service postfix.service exim4.service clamav-daemon.service mariadb.service postfix.service clamav-daemon.service

If unit1 (mailscanner) has Wants=unit2 (multiple as shown above) as a dependency, when unit1 is started, 
unit2 will be run as well. But whether unit2 starts successfully does not affect unit1 running successfully.

So you can add any service you want/need in combination with mailscanner. 

The After is for the startup order, which can greatly improve the start up of you system 
and i can recude log messages of started services that shoulded started later on.

I've reorded my start order for my anti-spam server to. 


If you add Requires= then its an other thing, thats a hard requirement. 
If unit1 Requires=unit2 and unit2 isnt starting then unit1 isnt starting also. 



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