[#QOP-692-45582]: Message block because of attachment.

Kalil Silva de Sousa suporte at ipcompany.com.br
Wed May 9 12:34:30 UTC 2018

Good Morning,

  There is a user who receives numerous emails from their clients with attached files, however because of the name of those files the emails are being rejected.

  We have already deactivated the mailscanner scan, but it continues to block.

  Note: When the file has \".pdf.pdf\" in the end the Mail Scanner does not block, but when it only exists with \".pdf\" the message is blocked.

  Below is the error message.

One or more of the attachments (MD04.ARQ.PL.001.IMP.R17.pdf) are on the list
of unacceptable attachments for this site and will not have been delivered.

Consider renaming the files to avoid this constraint.

The virus detector said this about the message:
Report: Report: MailScanner: Attempt to hide real filename extension
(MD04.ARQ.PL.001.IMP.R17.pdf) \"

  I\'m waiting for your answer.


Ticket Details
Ticket ID: QOP-692-45582
Department: Hospedagem
Type: Problema
Status: Aberto
Priority: Normal

Support Center: http://help.ipcompany.com.br/index.php?
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