nat and forwarding messages after filter

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Mon Mar 19 16:06:19 UTC 2018

Are you talking about removing the Received header of the MailScanner server so it doesn't look like the email went through it?  I would advise against doing that.

I would need to see one of the headers of email that has passed through this MailScanner server to better understand the problem.

If your MailScanner server is sending directly to the Internet, I would recommend putting a direct public IP on the server to make sure you get FCrDNS setup properly with a single PTR and matching A record matching the SMTP HELO.


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Subject: nat and forwarding messages after filter


does anyone now how to hide mailscanner ip address and forward orginal
sender ip after filtering?

we have mailscanner on one server and we point all traffic on destinatin
port 25 to that server.

server is filtering but mail is received from ip from filter server not
sender ip or source ip.

does anyone know how to forward message after spamassassin filter
messsage in mailscanner.

kind reagrds.

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