nat and forwarding messages after filter

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at
Mon Mar 19 15:58:57 UTC 2018

On Monday 19 March 2018 at 16:52:42, ajdin wrote:

> hello,
> does anyone now how to hide mailscanner ip address and forward orginal
> sender ip after filtering?

No.  That is not the way mail servers work.

> we have mailscanner on one server and we point all traffic on destinatin
> port 25 to that server.
> server is filtering but mail is received from ip from filter server not
> sender ip or source ip.

That is because MailScanner runs two SMTP processes - one accepts mail from 
the source (sender), and the other one sends mail to the destination 

That second process can only use the IP address of the mail server, becaue it 
has to communicate with the destination mail server, which therefore needs to 
send its replies back to the MailScanner machine's IP address.

This is no different from using a mail server without MailScanner running on 
it; in that case the recipients will see the IP address of the mail server as 
the origin, and the IP address of the client as the previous hop in the path.

> does anyone know how to forward message after spamassassin filter
> messsage in mailscanner.

I don't understand this question.



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