Mailscanner - Spamassassin Issue

Toby toby at
Fri Jun 8 19:21:42 UTC 2018


Thanks for the replies, and the efforts so far.

I checked the MailScanner.Conf, and it using postfix as the user and 

i have created several pastebins:-

1: - Mailscanner --Version

2: - MailScanner --lint

3: - MailScanner.conf

4: - Spamassassin.conf

5: - Best scan results acheived with  
"sudo -u root -p -c spamassassin -D -t Testy.eml" - Score 9

6: - Successfull scan as described 
previously  "sudo -u postfix -p -c spamassassin -D -t Testy.eml" - score 

7: - Failed results as previously 
described "sudo -u postfix -p -c spamassassin -D -t -C 
/etc/MailScanner/spamassassin.conf Testy.eml" - score 0

8: - Defaults file from MailScanner

Hope this is enough to go forwards.  As you can see i get different 
results for the same user, depending on whether i declare the 
mailscanner/spamassassin.conf file

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>On 06/08/2018 02:19 AM, Toby wrote:
>>After a bit more digging i have done an ExamDiff on the two logs 
>>produced by a successful scan and a failed scan.  There appears to be 
>>a block of differences, they continue the same until the failed one 
>>gives a "finished parsing", at which point the successfull seems to 
>>give a much more detailed report.  I have highlighted the differences 
>>and removed the vast amount of differences leading up to "Finished 
>>parsing" (lots of fix path, add tld list, using file statements).
>Make sure you are running these manual SA scans as the same user that 
>is in your MailScanner.conf.  The most common problem that causes this 
>is different users like postfix and root having different settings 
>which cause different paths to be used just like you are experiencing.
>If you want to run "MailScanner --version", "MailScanner --lint" and 
>then your manual scans with the full output and post it on 
>for us to see, this should help us get a better idea of the problem.
>-- David Jones
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