[Question] Remove These Headers and Outlook conversation view

Eoin Kim Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au
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Hi Mark,

I was thinking for a while after reading your reply. I guess if I tweak the Message-ID: header,

  1.  There will be two initial points of conversation for receiver - the first email arrived with attachment stripped and the second email released from quarantine (original with attachment but Message-ID: mangled)
  2.  From that point, depending on which message the receiver replies, one conversation will grow but the other doesn't.

Am I following you? I was checking headers of this conversation (yes, this thread) and found that References: is appending something. I'm not sure if it's Message-ID: or In-Reply-To: since they are identical. If the Message-ID: is mangled and References: is actually appending Message-ID:, my imagination sounds sensible to you?


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On 02/15/2018 03:57 PM, Eoin Kim wrote:

> Oh, wait.


> Schlake, after Message-ID is altered, is user's Outlook still fine with conversation view? Because I am not sure which criteria is used for conversation view in Exchange server.

Probably not, but consider the alternatives for the Outlook user.

If you don't munge the Message-ID:, she doesn't see the message with

attachment. but the "conversation" threading is maintained for the

message she did receive and subsequent messages.

If you do munge the Message-ID:, she sees both the message with and the

message without the attachment and both these messages are in the

"conversation" because their References: and In-Reply-To: headers are

intact. However subsequent replies to the message are only threaded to

the message without the attachment (assuming she doesn't delete it)

because they don't reference the munged Message-ID:.

Which of those scenarios do you think she'll prefer?

Of course all the above depends on how Outlook actually does threading

in "conversation" view, and I'm only guessing about that.


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