[Question] Remove These Headers and Outlook conversation view

Eoin Kim Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au
Thu Feb 15 01:44:03 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have a question about removing headers in MailScanner.

Yesterday, our staff member received an email with attachment stripped so I released the message from quarantine. However, it was not delivered with DUPLICATEDELIVER code in Exchange server. I did a quick search and it's possible to set Remove These Headers configuration. My senior person is not sure with this though.

My question is: does removing Message-ID header will make receiver's Outlook conversation view impossible? My senior person says Message-ID might be used for conversation view. I am not really familiar with Windows servers so I am not sure what the background mechanism is in Exchange server.

I understand that setting define('QUARANTINE_USE_SENDMAIL', false); in MailWatch will release the quarantined message with no problems. However, receiver will have a message file instead of content shown directly on their Outlook which I want to avoid if possible. I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain this. Thanks very much.

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