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I'll run some tests, but I believe that these are old bugs.

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> Hello,
> I am using a quite old version of MailScanner (4.84.6-1) and I cannot
> update it for now because it has been massively patched.
> I couldnt find another trace of the bug I am facing (besides from
> ) so I report it but I am not
> sure this is still present in the current version.
> If a mail is sent with an attachment with parenthesis in the name, the
> detection for the file extension may break. For example, I had to rule to
> reject *.doc but a .docx was rejected.
> I tested the very same file with a name "b\(b\).docx" and "b.docx", the
> second one was correctly accepted while the first one was stopped and
> reported to be a .doc file.
> I also had a case of a mail where the attachment was containing chinese
> characters. If the name for that file was "directly in UTF8" in the headers
> (牌.docx), everything went fine but if the name was encoded (eg
> =?UTF-8?b?5b635Zu9YmFie...?=), then the file was seen as .doc
> I made tests for .xlsx which ran into the same trouble to see the impact
> on our clients.
> I also sent attachement named .docsjfgsqjlgjqsglq which then were seen as
> doc.
> I didnt have enough time to run my tests with the current version of
> MailScanner, so please let me know if this is an old bug.
> Best regards,
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