Phishing Whitelisting entries not working

Pramod Daya pramod at
Thu Aug 16 07:23:50 UTC 2018

It's actually the reverse situation - entries that should be whitelisted are being marked as "Phishing". 

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On 08/14/2018 01:33 AM, Pramod Daya wrote:
> I upgraded to MailScanner 5.0.7-4 and unfortunately I’m seeing that 
> whitelisted entries are still getting tagged with “Disarmed” tags.
> On a different server with Centos 6.9 and mailscanner 4.84.6, the 
> Phishing Whitelisting is working correctly. ..

Please see
and confirm that the disarming you are seeing is "phishing fraud" and not some other disarming.

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