Mailscanner milter to reject high score spam at MTA level

David Jones djones at
Tue Aug 7 14:51:54 UTC 2018

On 08/07/2018 05:03 AM, info at wrote:
> Hi Mailscanner friends,
> is there any progress to make MailScanner usable as a postfix milter?
> The most biggest problem I have is, SPAM is not possible to reject when 
> reaching a high score at MTA level. For my understanding, connect via 
> milter instead of queue ^HOLD would be the solution.
> For the next decade we are still using MailScanner instead of others 
> like Rspamd, because MailScanner is like a mail suite for mail security, 
> but if there will never be the possibility to reject at MTA level the 
> high score spam, we will also change in 1-3 years while replacing the OS 
> beyond.

One of MailScanner's strongest features is it's batch mode processing 
that will allow it to handle a very high volume of mail flow.  I doubt 
that MailScanner will ever be changed to run as a milter for this reason.

I tried rspamd and found it wasn't as good as the author claims so no 
reason to try to use that as a milter.  It also wasn't as fast as it 
claims.  I could not send high volumes of mail through it like I could 
with MailScanner.

If you want to block high scoring spam at the MTA level, I suggest using 
amavis or spamd with the same SA rulesets as MailScanner.  This will get 
you most of the power of MailScanner's blocking at the MTA.

If you you use postscreen and postwhite at the Postfix MTA level, you 
can block most of the obvious spam with a tuned list of RBLs.  See the 
SA users mailing list over the past year for details on this from me and 
a few others.

I suggest setting up a quick test VM with iRedmail to get a good example 
of how to do TLS and amavis integration well with Postfix.

David Jones

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