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Neil nwilson123 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 14:43:41 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

I have a bit of a weird issue I'm trying to track down. I'm running the

MailWatch Version: 1.2.0
MailScanner Version: 5.0.3
ClamAV Version:
SpamAssassin Version: 3.4.0
PHP Version: 5.4.16
MySQL Version: 5.7.17


CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)

On the 12th of Sept between 11:32 and 13:33 (possibly other times too)
nothing was logged in MailWatch, however my email logs say a number of
messages were logged to SQL...

Sep 12 12:53:01 gw MailScanner[3774]: MailWatch: Logging message
Sep 12 12:53:02 gw MailScanner[6056]: MailWatch: Logging message
71119C3F1C.A0408 to SQL
Sep 12 12:53:03 gw MailScanner[5649]: MailWatch: Logging message
7357BC5ACF.A4CF3 to SQL
Sep 12 12:53:04 gw MailScanner[5649]: MailWatch: Logging message
7B18BC7381.A1B20 to SQL
Sep 12 12:53:05 gw MailScanner[2157]: MailWatch: Logging message
5F738C738F.A4E97 to SQL
Sep 12 12:53:06 gw MailScanner[3375]: MailWatch: Logging message
5F899C5ACF.A550E to SQL
Sep 12 12:53:06 gw MailScanner[3520]: MailWatch: Logging message
7D1A0C7383.A30C0 to SQL
Sep 12 12:53:07 gw MailScanner[5095]: MailWatch: Logging message
2C7D3C4653.ADD1D to SQL

I only store quarantined email and I can see that the blocked spam messages
were stored correctly...



Looking through MW no clean or spam email was logged at all during this
time frame, and I've checked my MAILLOG table and nothing was logged in the
DB during this time either.

The uptime of my system is 157 days, and I've checked for database
corruption and it's clean. Outside of the above time everything was logged
normally and I've experiencing no other issues.

Any ideas of how I can figure this one out? I'm guessing that perhaps it's
not just during the above times that this is happening.

Thank you.


Neil Wilson.
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