question about mailscanner script

Maarten mailinglists at
Sat Sep 16 11:58:33 UTC 2017

Yeah I ran it as root and set selinux in permissive mode. What I ended
up doing this time is putting my old config back,

then seeing what lines the script added to my config after it finishes
running. I saw Shawn's mail,

so will check what happens next time there is an update to install. Not
gonna make a big deal of it

was just wondering why it wasn't doing what I'm used of the script doing.

On 09/15/2017 03:23 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 09/14/2017 03:44 PM, Maarten wrote:
>> However in my old config I have set my the %org-name% with my
>> domain name. When I search those three config files my domain
>> name isn't even  in any of those files and neither are the paths I have
>> set for
>> "Incoming Queue Dir" and "Outgoing Queue Dir" and "Incoming Work Dir"
> You do have to set %org-name% in MailScanner.conf because it is used
> later in the file unless you override everything.
> But, things like "Incoming Queue Dir" and "Outgoing Queue Dir" and
> "Incoming Work Dir" are better set in a file in /etc/MailScanner/conf.d/
> where they will override the MailScanner.conf settings, but even so, it
> should work.
> ...
>> Are any of your old config setting listed in MailScanner.conf.original?
> Yes, all my changed settings (really just %org-name% and %report-dir%)
> are in both MailScanner.conf.original and
> Did you run as root? If not, maybe there was some permission
> issue that prevented it from reading your old MailScanner.conf.

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