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Pramod Daya pramod at
Tue Nov 28 13:39:29 UTC 2017

I get the spam score in the e-mail headers of non-spam:

X-Mindspring-MailScanner-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (not cached,
                score=-0.182, required 5, HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_32 0.00,
                HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_04 0.61, HTML_MESSAGE 0.00, RCVD_IN_DNSWL_LOW -0.70,
                RCVD_IN_MSPIKE_H2 -0.09)

and in the logfile for spam…

SpamAssassin (not cached, score=5.551, required 5, BAD_CREDIT 1.66, DKIM_SIGNED 0.10, DKIM_VALID -0.10, DKIM_VALID_AU -0.10, HTML_FONT_LOW_CONTRAST 0.00, HTML_MESSAGE 0.00, LOCAL_CS_REPLYTO 4.00, LOTS_OF_MONEY 0.00, RCVD_IN_MSPIKE_H4 -0.01, RCVD_IN_MSPIKE_WL -0.01, T_MONEY_PERCENT 0.01)

But no /var/log/maillog  entries for non-spam, which is what I want.  Is that expected behaviour ?

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I just tested this on my server and it's working just fine for me on 5.0.6 ..

Is it possible that you have a rogue MS process that's running on an old config or possibly double config lines ? Those 2 issues have kept me occupied for a few hours in the past to try and figure out why something wasn't working ..

On 11/28/2017 08:47 AM, Pramod Daya wrote:
It’s already enabled ☹.

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# Do you want to always include the Spam Report in the SpamCheck
# header, even if the message wasn't spam?
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Always Include SpamAssassin Report = yes

This perhaps ?

Its in MailScanner.conf.

On 11/28/2017 07:27 AM, Pramod Daya wrote:

On MailScanner 5.0.6, is there a setting that lets me view the spam score on ALL emails ?  I’m getting them only on those emails above the “Required Spamassassin Score” threshold.

I’ve tried editing /etc/mail/spamassassin/ to include “add_header score=_SCORE_”, but that’s not showing it either.


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