MailScanner blocking ClamAV emails

Peter email at
Sat Mar 25 17:17:16 UTC 2017

Edit MailScanner.conf, change:

Virus Scanning = yes  to
Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/virus.whitelist.rules

The in your rule directory create a file called virus.whitelist.rules which
uses the same syntax as spam.whitelist.rules - eg:

From: clamav at and To: you at   no

Don't forget to have the last line as:
FromOrTo	default	yes

The Yes/No refers to whether it is virus scanned.

Problem solved!



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On 25/03/2017 at 7:38 AM Walt Thiessen wrote:

>I have MailScanner set to check all inbound and outbound email using
>I have ClamAV set up to send me an email each day informing me of any 
>possible infections.
>For about a week or two now, this email has failed to arrive.
>My admins found the problem. ClamAV is apparently blocking itself via 
> From the maillog:
>[root at server ~]# grep 1cqtVW-0002rF-UX /var/log/maillog
>Mar 22 23:33:50 server MailScanner: Filename Checks: Allowing 
>1cqtVW-0002rF-UX clamav-2017-03-22.log (no rule matched)
>Mar 22 23:33:51 server MailScanner: Filetype Checks: Allowing 
>1cqtVW-0002rF-UX clamav-2017-03-22.log
>Mar 22 23:33:51 server MailScanner: Clamd::INFECTED:: 
>YARA.r57shell_php_php.UNOFFICIAL ::
>Mar 22 23:33:51 server MailScanner: Infected message 1cqtVW-0002rF-UX 
>came from
>Mar 22 23:33:51 server MailScanner: 1cqtVW-0002rF-UX: Received for 
>MailControl Database
>Mar 22 23:33:51 server MailScanner: 1cqtVW-0002rF-UX: MailControl cannot 
>We tried whitelisting root at server or, but it didn't help.
>Any ideas?
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