How big is too big?

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Thu Jan 5 18:52:48 UTC 2017

I don't get enough large email to put a limit on this.  I have it scan all
emails.  If down the road I notice a serious performance lag then I would
put something in.  Or if the company I put it in for emails large files on
a regular basis.


On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 1:18 PM, Danita Zanre <danita at> wrote:

> In checking and training our system, I’m noticing that a fair number of
> the leaky spam is large.  One message I just looked at is 1.3MB!  Right
> now, that’s the largest mail that has even come through the test system (my
> test users don’t get a lot of attachments).  Is it unreasonable to have
> mailscanner actually check messages that are 2MB in size?
> I currently have 1700 items (in 6 days) that have a 0.00 score (that are
> not blacklisted).  There are a few timeouts (need to figure that out), but
> most of these are due to size.  And almost all of the 0.00 scores that are
> not timeouts are indeed spam that is just big.  How large of a message do
> you scan for spam in your production environments?
> Thanks.
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