How big is too big?

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Thu Jan 5 18:18:33 UTC 2017

In checking and training our system, I’m noticing that a fair number of the leaky spam is large.  One message I just looked at is 1.3MB!  Right now, that’s the largest mail that has even come through the test system (my test users don’t get a lot of attachments).  Is it unreasonable to have mailscanner actually check messages that are 2MB in size?  

I currently have 1700 items (in 6 days) that have a 0.00 score (that are not blacklisted).  There are a few timeouts (need to figure that out), but most of these are due to size.  And almost all of the 0.00 scores that are not timeouts are indeed spam that is just big.  How large of a message do you scan for spam in your production environments?


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