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Right at the top of filename.rules.conf place (<TAB> means hit the tab key)
allow<TAB>COL.+\.tmp\.doc$<TAB>Allow Special COLXXX.tmp.doc<TAB>Allow
Special COLXXX.tmp.doc
Your did not say if XXX was always a number or always an addition 3 chars if
always number of at least 3 digits
allow<TAB>COL\d{3,}\.tmp\.doc$<TAB>Allow Special COLXXX.tmp.doc<TAB>Allow
Special COLXXX.tmp.doc
any three chars
allow<TAB>COL.{3}\.tmp\.doc$<TAB>Allow Special COLXXX.tmp.doc<TAB>Allow
Special COLXXX.tmp.doc
If it always comes from xyz at (and you trust them completely) then
place the following in filename.rules
From: <TAB>xyz at
if the local part can be different but always same domain the use
From: <TAB>*
If there is nothing on the right side of that address then no file name
checking will be done. Bear in mind if you would just like that one pass
made create a special version of the filename.rules.conf (like
and use
and then only that domain would have the additional pass but all other rules
would still apply. Look that those two files, there is a lot you can do.
All of this assumes the file does not come in an archive (zip/rar) in which
cases you would use the .archive version of those same files.
Rick Cooper

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I have a client that sends doc files but through their system and they come
as COLXXX.tmp.doc 

The X's change so we would need to account for that.  These are legit and
would like to build a rule to allow them. I'm assuming it would be in
filename.rules.conf?  Could someone help me out?  Also they always from from
the same domain.  I tried white listing that domain, but that didn't allow
them to pass.  Thanks.

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