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Paul Scott sales at
Mon Feb 13 20:33:01 UTC 2017

I successfully managed to upgrade SpamAssassin to 3.4.1, by manually downloading the tarball and compiling and installing it.

After the install, I ran “sa-update” and that took a long time, and took the system to a crawl, as it consumed to much memory.

Now everything is working fine with the new SpamAssassin.

Now just trying to get the ClamAV daemon working correctly.  Have a permissions issue, which is all over the Internet in Google searches, but there are no solutions thus far.

Thank you for your help!

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Hello Scott,
I do understand that the process of upgrading to CentOS 7 is ... daunting, and seem wasteful when all you need is a better SpamAssassin, but ... CentOS 5 has served you long and true, and should be put to rest;-)
I did a new install on CentOS 7 when it was first released... It was a pain, especially the systemd stuff, and trying to cope with SElinux (maaany "local" rules:-)). But after that, it actually works very well.
Sure, the whole toolchain need be updated and adjusted (and some things is simply done ... differently...:-)), but it is a good move, that will buy you peace of mind for a relatively long time.
Trying to maintain a distro that is no longer supported... is a loosing battle/not worth your time, IMO.
-- Glenn

2017-02-11 20:13 GMT+01:00 Paul Scott <sales at<mailto:sales at>>:
Hello Shawn,

Check this out:

Of course, I will begin planning on a course of action, but this is a very tedious operation.

I did manage to just get ClamAV upgraded manually to the very latest version, and will do SpamAssasin next.

Thank you very much!
Paul Scott

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CentOS 5?

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 2:27 PM, Paul Scott <sales at<mailto:sales at>> wrote:
My CentOS 5 system is currently running Spam Assassin v3.2.5-1.el5, which is the latest as picked up by yum updates.

My question is, if I were to upgrade manually to the very latest version of Spam Assassin (3.4.1), what would need to be done to insure that MailScanner uses it?

Has anybody already gone through this exercise?


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