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I am currently experiencing quite some spam messages which are not caught by MailScanner (about one every 5 minutes) because of the "Max Spam Check Size" parameter in MailScanner.conf 

# Spammers do not have the power to send out huge messages to everyone as 
# it costs them too much (more smaller messages makes more profit than less 
# very large messages). So if a message is bigger than a certain size, it 
# is highly unlikely to be spam. Limiting this saves a lot of time checking 
# huge messages. 
# Disable this option by setting it to a huge value. 
# This is measured in bytes. 
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset. 
Max Spam Check Size = 200k 

After reviewing the log files, all messages which are uncaught have a size between 200k and 225k (most arround 215k) and look to be targeted to get past a MailScanner installation 

I would suggest to set the new default value for this parameter from 200k to at least 300k in a future MailScanner version. 

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