any issues with MailScanner and locked pages?

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Reduce the number of MailSanner child processes to 2 or 3. Unless your server is crazy busy, you don’t need more than that. 




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Hi Jerry,

Hi Jerry,

I checked that file at your suggestion, and everything is commented out. Within the docblock, there are no settings for locks.

The locks problem appears to be related to a limit set within my VPS container by my hosting provider. Apparently, my VPS server is allocated a little more than 3200 locks. After that, it degrades and crashes. The provider isn't willing to increase it without me buying more processing power from them. 

However, even with what I have right now, I'm not using much processor at all, and as I mentioned in the previous message I'm not using up my allocated memory (not even close). My server load is typically in the range of 0.20 to 0.50 on a three processor system. 

That's why I'm trying to search for another way to fix this instead of just throwing more processing power at it.



On 8/30/2017 9:32 AM, Jerry Benton wrote:

Do you mean lock files? Depending on your distro, it is set to something
small like 4096. You need to set it to 65535. in your
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I'm trying to track down an issue on my VPS.
For some reason, every 7-10 days or so the server crashes because the
container exceeds the allowed number of lockedpages.
MailScanner and MySQL are the two processes that use the most memory on my
system (CentOS 7) by far, so I'm investigating each as much as I can to try
to identify why this is happening.
The server doesn't run out of memory. On the contrary, usually about half
the memory remains unallocated when these events occur.
Has anyone run into any issues with MailScanner locking too many pages in
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