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Tue Apr 25 16:05:27 UTC 2017

I have one site that I scan for that is just being inundated with spam and viruses.  My poor server simply cannot keep up!  We are right now getting hammered with viruses, for example.  I need to figure out how to tweak this a bit.  I could add more memory/CPU, but first I want to see if there are things I can do first to make the system run better.

1.  I think I should stop sending email messages to ME when viruses happen, but I can’t figure out what’s sending me those.  I also use Mailwatch, in case it’s involved.
2.  Can I make some changes to postscreen that will make it drop more of these connections?  I’m pretty much just using “defaults”.
3.  I don’t think in Postfix you can limit inbound connections really.  The other email system I work with for my corporate email allows you to choose how many inbound threads and how many outbound threads.  It’s our policy to always have twice as many outbound threads as inbound so that we can handle these kind of load systems.  I’m accepting so much more JUNK than I have time to throw away.  Especially with #1 above, where I’m getting sent thousands of virus notices ;-)

I appreciate any pointers here!  Thanks.

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