MailScanner setup with CentOS 7

Kenneth Hansen kenneth at
Mon Apr 17 15:33:40 UTC 2017

I am working on building a MailScanner server using CentOS 7.3
However, I am facing some issues with the mail delivery to this server.
I have used firewall-cmd to allow smtp and smiths into the server, but there are a few things that I cannot seem to find out.
I am using sendmail as my MTA.

In the installation guide it tells me to change the start command for sendmail, but this cannot be done, as the mentioned files are not there. Where should I make this change and is it even needed. The required directory was already created for me.

I am also having an issue with clamav. I have set the MailScanner.conf to use clamd as the virus scanner, but in the output from systemctl status MailScanner -l, it states that it “Cannot find Socket (/var/run/clamav/clamd.sock)”
And also “Virus Scanning: No virus scanners worked, so message batch was abandoned and retried”

These seem like minor issues, but there is one quite big issue that I am facing. I cannot connect on port 25 and deliver mail to this server.
To make sure that it was configured correctly, I tried to use telnet from a local server on the same network and connect on port 25, 587 and 465, but they all state connection refused. Looking at the server that was trying to send a test email, it is also getting connection refused.

Can someone point me to a full step by step guide on how to correctly install and configure MailScanner with Sendmail on CentOS 7

Have great evening
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