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Steve Basford steveb_clamav at
Fri Sep 2 07:27:10 UTC 2016

On Fri, September 2, 2016 2:06 am, Philip Parsons wrote:
> I believe I am using all of them.  I have removed some and tried that but
> I think I it is a good Idea to remove then all I will try it with nothing
> just clamav databases.  The funny thing is I now have a second system
> different customer that is also having the same issue.  This is all
> related to these .zip files

Note: might be an idea to move this off-list or to clamav-users or to
sanesecurity list but for now....

This is a slightly unfair test but I scanned a small file with each
database and all returned an OK but here are the timings for each database...

If you are using any of the ones marked [Possible Performance Issue]
then removed them first and see what happens.


spam_marketing.ndb                 230250 ms [Possible Performance Issue]
javascript.ndb                     23109 ms [Possible Performance Issue]
securiteinfo.hdb                   11781 ms [Possible Performance Issue]
securiteinfoascii.hdb              1532 ms
securiteinfohtml.hdb               1469 ms

Sanesecurity mirrored:

scamnailer.ndb                     8547 ms
phish.ndb                          4750 ms
junk.ndb                           2391 ms
spear.ndb                          1985 ms
phishtank.ndb                      1844 ms
scam.ndb                           1641 ms
badmacro.ndb                       1500 ms
winnow_phish_complete.ndb          1484 ms
winnow_phish_complete_url.ndb      1484 ms
jurlbl.ndb                         1391 ms
winnow_malware_links.ndb           1344 ms
jurlbla.ndb                        1313 ms
blurl.ndb                          1313 ms
porcupine.ndb                      1296 ms
foxhole_filename.cdb               1282 ms
bofhland_malware_attach.hdb        1266 ms
foxhole_all.cdb                    1266 ms
foxhole_generic.cdb                1266 ms
lott.ndb                           1266 ms
winnow_extended_malware.hdb        1266 ms
winnow_malware.hdb                 1266 ms
winnow_spam_complete.ndb           1266 ms
bofhland_phishing_URL.ndb          1265 ms
bofhland_cracked_URL.ndb           1250 ms
bofhland_malware_URL.ndb           1250 ms
crdfam.clamav.hdb                  1250 ms
doppelstern.ndb                    1250 ms
doppelstern-phishtank.ndb          1250 ms
rogue.hdb                          1250 ms
spam.ldb                           1250 ms
spamattach.hdb                     1250 ms
spamimg.hdb                        1250 ms
spearl.ndb                         1250 ms
winnow.attachments.hdb             1250 ms
winnow_bad_cw.hdb                  1250 ms
winnow.complex.patterns.ldb        1235 ms
doppelstern.hdb                    1234 ms
foxhole_js.cdb                     1234 ms
winnow_extended_malware_links.ndb  1234 ms


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