Too Many Attachements OR Virus Found?

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Fri Nov 4 10:22:26 UTC 2016

Hello Mark,

Yes, you are right.  Microsoft's Exchange in the cloud is what I am using for my MTA.  Extremely complex routing.  New feature they just added to try to thwart spoofing.

Thanks again!


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On 11/03/2016 04:57 PM, Paul Scott wrote:
> Okay, I made the change as suggested by Kevin, and am now sending again.

All of your posts reach the list. If you look in the archive at <>.

It is your own incoming MTA that is adding the "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. Learn about
spoofing		Feedback" message to the copy of your post delivered back to you.

This is not a rejection notice. It is your copy of the post from the list. Kevin's suggestion prevented Mailman from sending your copy of the post back to you, so you no longer received it, but as I said it was only your copy from the list being flagged by your own incoming mail service.

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