Too Many Attachements OR Virus Found?

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Fri Nov 4 10:19:49 UTC 2016

Thank you Mark.  The virus scanner is ClamD.


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On 11/03/2016 02:44 PM, Paul Scott wrote:
> We are receiving the following message inside emails quite frequently 
> now, and it is confusing since it conveys two different messages, 
> which are "Too many attachments", OR "Infected."
> This is occurring when RECEIVING an email from an outside company.
> So my question is, when this message is received, what is the actual 
> issue.  A virus, or too many attachments?

The issue is your virus scanner (what is it) is reporting back to MailScanner with the message "Too many attachments in message".
MailScanner sees that and thinks it's a report of an infection from the virus scanner.

> And where is the total number of attachments defined in the 
> MailScanner.conf file?

It isn't. It's in your virus scanner which is ?

> And is there a way to create a ruleset file to tell MailScanner to NOT 
> scan for viruses or check for number of attachments for a certain 
> domain name (in this case, it would be "").

Yes, see

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