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One of our customers opened a virus and now 2000+ emails are targeting us, mostly of them are either spam messages or virusses. Does anybody have a solution for this? Some of the virusses are coming through and some of them don't.

Our current setup is:
* clamav -> with unofficial rules (does not consume any cpu actually)
* spamassassin (with spamhaus etc)
* savscan (consuming a lot of our cpu and does not even detect 30%)
* mailscanner (high scoring spam = 4.0+, low scoring = 3.0)

I am willing to pay for an virus scanner, but if somebody can help me make the better choose of what to use with this, the virusses are the very annoying "invoice" emails. Does anybody suggests McAfee or Norton? Or another one?

Most viruses are actionscripts, doc and executables. We wish not to block the extension as this will block a lot of e-mails outgoing from our customers.

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