Virus Scanners

Jerry Benton jerry.benton at
Sat Jan 30 06:07:56 UTC 2016

Ok, there are a lot of virus scanners in virus.scanners.conf. When runs there are a lot of checks for virus scanners going on (even if they are not installed), and if the code does not need to be there, then it should be removed. An example would be Drweb. Not the Russian AV, but the one created by some dude in Poland that no longer exists. 

Honestly, how many AV’s on that list are actually still in use? Maybe 6 or 8? Well, there are about 40 in the config when you include the daemonized versions as well. We could cut down to about half the size with about a third of the checks. Which = faster scanning, less overhead, less dated code to maintain.


Jerry Benton

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