MailScanner v5?

Kevin Miller kevin.miller at
Thu Jan 28 17:46:12 UTC 2016

> I also want to know what people think about ditching “MailScanner” for “mailscanner"

Consistency is the key.  I've gone from SUSE to centOS, to Debian (Jessie) and each had differences that always produced that magical "WTH?" moment.  Picking a schema and applying it across the board is a real step in the right direction.  From an esthetic viewpoint I like "MailScanner" better, but when working from the command line it's definitely nicer to use all lower case.  Words starting with a capital don't bother me, but camel case is a bit annoying.  It's a minor nit, but I'd vote for a wholescale replacement of MailScanner to mailscanner except maybe in the documentation where it's used as a proper noun.

Thanks for all your hard work Jerry.  It may be often unacknowledged but never unappreciated...

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