How to reject/detect emails claiming to be from my own domain?

Philip Parsons pparsons at
Tue Dec 27 15:04:06 UTC 2016

I use sendmail

On Fri, 2016-12-23 at 16:06 -0500, Jason Waters wrote:
What do you use for an MTA?  I know with postfix you can use some smtp restrictions to solve this problem.

On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 3:00 PM, Philip Parsons <pparsons at<mailto:pparsons at>> wrote:
I use Mailscanner and Send mail.  We have a few instances that we are receiving spam from jack at<mailto:jack at> to jack at<mailto:jack at> and it is getting through.  I have not seemed to find and answers as to how to stop this? Anyone got an Idea.  We already have SPF setup which helps but is not fully for this situation.

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