How to reject/detect emails claiming to be from my own domain?

Valentin Laskov it at
Sat Dec 24 07:29:08 UTC 2016

В 20:00 +0000 на 23.12.2016 (пт), Philip Parsons написа:
> I use Mailscanner and Send mail.

Hi all,

I would suggest one of (or both)
1. setting and relay only after authentication in sendmail
2. these letters usually contain files that MailScanner denies.
MailScanner then sends reports to sender/recipient/postmaster about
quarantined attachment file. I changed in filename.rules.conf and in
archive.filename.rules.conf not to deny these files but to forward to
other email address like me at . You must clean this box
regularly :)

Regards and Happy Holidays


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