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maybe this could be your solution:

Postfix supports instances. So if you configure one instance on server A
and B to receive the mails and forward them to the Mailscanner
and another instance on server A and B to receive the mails from
Mailscanner an store them in the users mailboxes?


    Why multiple Postfix instances

Postfix is a general-purpose mail system that can be configured to serve
a variety of needs. Examples of Postfix applications are:


    Local mail submission for shell users and system processes.


    Incoming (MX host) email from the Internet.


    Outbound mail relay for a corporate network.


    Authenticated submission for roaming users.


    *Before/after content-filter mail. *


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Am 08.12.2016 um 16:13 schrieb Manuel Kälin:
> Hi
> Yes, we need this second solution with incoming and outgoing direct
> trom the final hosts.
> Have you set this up with postfix and how did you forward the mails?
> As files or something like smarthost?
> Manuel
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>     Re: Mailscanner initial Setup help
>     That's my solution as well. All the mail comes in to the central
>     scanning server and is then forwarded on to the final
>     destinations. The
>     model where the final delivery servers receive the mail, forward
>     it to a
>     central scanner, and then receive the results, is much harder to
>     set up.
>     In the first stage you don't want the server to be the final delivery
>     host, while in the second you do.
>     Peter
>     On 12/08/2016 08:42 AM, Heino Backhaus wrote:
>     > I think I would prefer to receive the mails with Mailscanner,
>     check them
>     > and forward them to Server A or B.
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