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Thu Dec 8 16:38:02 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

this is exactly how we have our set-up - should we write some documentation and 
try to get it added to the MailScanner docs on the web site?

- It's actually more DNS and PostFix/Sendmail set-up issue than MailScanner but 
I always thought that the MailScanner site would be a good place to centralise 
this information because it's going to be a "standard" requirement.

Here's the concept:

The domain is "mydomain.tld" and this IP_Addr is running a web and e-mail server 
(etc.,etc., etc.)

We want to set up a separate host to act as a mail "hub" with MailScanner (spam 
and virus) which scans the mail before passing it onto "mydomain.tld".

For the purposes of this exercise let's call this "mailscanner hub" host :

In order that mail for mydomain.tld is first sent to 
"mailscanner.anotherdomain.tld" we have to have access to the DNS - MX records 
for "mydomain,tld"
We set-up two MX records:
mydomain.tld	MX10	mailscanner.anotherdomain.tld.
mydomain.tld	MX20	mydomain.tld.

This makes sure that if there's a problem with our "mailscanner hub" mail still 
gets through....

Don't forget that anotherdomain.tld is also going to accept e-mail via it's own 
MX records AND that mailscanner.anotherdomain.tld should be pointed to by an 
A-record and should NOT be a CNAME.

Now, on mailscanner.anotherdomain.tld
- we set up the mail server (my experience is with Sendmail and Postfix)
- we set up Mailscanner
and we test that it all works for mail going to anotherdomain.tld

Then we set up Sendmail or Postfix to forward non-local mail to "mydomain.tld"

 From experience, the problem with this concept is the spammers who ignore the 
dns and send directly to the smtp server at "domain.tld".
And, this is where someone else could help out with a good solution that doesn't 
mean installing another mailscanner on "domain.tld"

Does this sound about right?


PS: there are a couple of other tools needed of course - maildrop and MailWatch

Manuel Kälin wrote on 2016-12-08 16:13:
> Hi
> Yes, we need this second solution with incoming and outgoing direct trom the
> final hosts.
> Have you set this up with postfix and how did you forward the mails? As files or
> something like smarthost?
> Manuel
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>     Re: Mailscanner initial Setup help
>     That's my solution as well. All the mail comes in to the central
>     scanning server and is then forwarded on to the final destinations. The
>     model where the final delivery servers receive the mail, forward it to a
>     central scanner, and then receive the results, is much harder to set up.
>     In the first stage you don't want the server to be the final delivery
>     host, while in the second you do.
>     Peter
>     On 12/08/2016 08:42 AM, Heino Backhaus wrote:
>     > I think I would prefer to receive the mails with Mailscanner, check them
>     > and forward them to Server A or B.
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