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Thanks for your reply. It looks a bit more complex than I thought. I probably should not touch much then as I don't know about it really much. Thanks again.


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On 07/31/2016 06:45 PM, Eoin Kim wrote:
> Could someone please tell me where the value is for $spamreport 
> variable? I am currently customising the whole report messages and 
> can't find out where $spamreport variable points to. The message file 
> is ''. I guess the related setting is 
> configured in MailScanner.conf file? Thanks a lot in advance.

$spamreport is set by the IsSpam routine in the MailScanner/ module depending on what is found in the message. These are things like high SpamAssassin score, blacklisted, etc. It is not a fixed value or a configuration setting.

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