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Hi Kevin!

The "Spam Lists" thing in MailScanner has nothing to do with the
Spamassassin thing. The Spam Lists are queried by MailScanner proper, an in
a serial fashion. Keep it fown to a bare minimum of well-trusted RBLs and
let 1 hit -> blocked... SA foes it's lookups in parallel, so should handle
the bulk of the lookups. The Spam Lists to be Spam setting, is only coupled
to the Spam List setting.

-- Glenn
Den 30 mar 2016 1:36 fm skrev "Kevin Miller" <kevin.miller at juneau.org>:

> Spamassassin now includes a number of RBLs by default.  It seems they get
> queried regardless of whether I specify them in the "Spam Lists"
> configuration option.  Does it matter whether or not they are included in
> "Spam Lists" to trigger the "Spam Lists To Be Spam" threshold?  I.e, if
> they're in two spam lists, but the RBL lists aren't explicitly listed in
> MailScanner.conf, will the counter still increment and tag the email as
> definite spam even if it doesn't quite reach the normal spam score (5.0 in
> my case)?
> Thanks...
> ...Kevin
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