Mailscanner Status = Stopped

Walt Thiessen wt at
Wed Sep 23 19:42:06 UTC 2015

MailScanner's status on my server keeps showing stopped whenever I check 
it via WHM, but the logs in MailWatch show continuous activity.

In particular, between 7 AM and nearly 10 AM today, I kept getting email 
notifications from my server that the MailScanner service was down, even 
though emails were passing through MailScanner's logs (as shown in 
MailWatch). After 34 failed attempts to restart during that time, it 
successfully restarted at just before 10 AM.

That wasn't the end of the problem, just a time slice of it. However, I 
haven't received email notifications since then of the service being 
down, even though it currently shows that the service is stopped in WHM.

The Message Listing log in MailWatch periodically shows entries like 
this one (I've replaced specific names with generic placeholders in 
square brackets):

23/09/15 09:00:44     root@ [hostname]     root@[hostname]     lfd on 
[hostname]: Excessive resource usage: [account-on-hostname] (1468 
(Parent PID:30444))     1Kb     0.00     W/L

Clicking MailScanner Restart in ConfigServer MailScanner FE doesn't help 
to solve this issue.

Can anyone advise me why this might be happening? My server admins have 
looked at it, and they're stumped so far.


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