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Kevin Miller kevin.miller at
Wed Oct 28 23:09:46 UTC 2015

It seems that both SORBS and mailspike blacklists are now included in spamassassin now.  At the moment I only have spamcop listed in MailScanner.conf:
  Spam List = spamcop

I'd like to add in others so that I can take advantage of the "Spam Lists To Be Spam" option.  

SORBS and MailSpike aren't listed in the spam.lists.conf file however.  

What do I need to set so that when MailScanner looks at the RBL hits the tally is increased.  For instance if I have
    Spam Lists To Be Spam = 2 
how can I get MailScanner to pick up on the other spam lists?  The historical way would be to add the additional RBLs to spam.lists.conf but since spamassassin is already doing the scanning there's no point in doing it again which I believe listing them in the spam.lists.conf and "Spam List =" option would do.

Can MailScanner detect that they've already been found on an RBL and use that to increase the metric?  If not, maybe a nice new feature would be if MailScanner could automatically pick up on the RBLs included in spamassassin for the purpose of incrementing the spam list count.


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