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I figured that the forwarding would happen before MailScanner gets involved.  I.e., in their virtuserfile or whatever passes for that if not using sendmail.
I gotta wonder though why one needs to whitelist users on the same system.  Blacklisting a problem user might make sense, but I'm not sure what the actual application is here.  No matter though - to each their own...

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On 10/21/2015 02:57 PM, Walt Thiessen wrote:
> How does MailScanner handle forwarded emails?
> For instance, let's say that joe at domain.tld sends an email to 
> bill at domain.tld. Bill has bill at domain.tld set up to forward to 
> billyboy at domain.tld.
> If there is a whitelist rule that whitelists emails from 
> joe at domain.tld to billyboy at domain.tld, will this particular forwarded 
> email get delivered due to that whitelist rule?

I don't think so. MailScanner looks at the sender and recipient of the message as it arrives at the MTA. MailScanner knows nothing about the subsequent forward that might occur. It is not until the MTA attempts to deliver the mail to bill at domain.tld (after MailScanner has processed it) that it will find the .forward and redirect the mail to billyboy at domain.tld.

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