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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Oct 16 05:18:32 UTC 2015

So...  cPanel and whm? This isn't really a MailScanner issue, but rather a
monitoring/managament tool issue... The tool you are using isn't aware of
the respawning nature of MailScanner, so it naively saves a pid and
monitors for that... After a while (4 hours by default) that process will
respawn, meankng it'll die and start a brand new one.
So moral of the storage is "get smarter monitoring".

-- Glenn
Den 23 sep 2015 9:42 em skrev "Walt Thiessen" <wt at>:

> MailScanner's status on my server keeps showing stopped whenever I check
> it via WHM, but the logs in MailWatch show continuous activity.
> In particular, between 7 AM and nearly 10 AM today, I kept getting email
> notifications from my server that the MailScanner service was down, even
> though emails were passing through MailScanner's logs (as shown in
> MailWatch). After 34 failed attempts to restart during that time, it
> successfully restarted at just before 10 AM.
> That wasn't the end of the problem, just a time slice of it. However, I
> haven't received email notifications since then of the service being down,
> even though it currently shows that the service is stopped in WHM.
> The Message Listing log in MailWatch periodically shows entries like this
> one (I've replaced specific names with generic placeholders in square
> brackets):
> 23/09/15 09:00:44     root@ [hostname]     root@[hostname]     lfd on
> [hostname]: Excessive resource usage: [account-on-hostname] (1468 (Parent
> PID:30444))     1Kb     0.00     W/L
> Clicking MailScanner Restart in ConfigServer MailScanner FE doesn't help
> to solve this issue.
> Can anyone advise me why this might be happening? My server admins have
> looked at it, and they're stumped so far.
> Walt
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