Scam message which is not a scam.

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Mon Nov 9 11:11:54 UTC 2015

looks like this had nothing to do with the MailScanner product, but the
spam testing setup at idwebhost. I suggest to add an SPF record that says
that your web robot's ip-address is allowed to send as as you
dont seem to have that setup. This will help alot.

Martin Hepworth, CISSP
Oxford, UK

On 9 November 2015 at 07:15, Syahrir Hamzah <syahrir.hamzah at>

> Dear Sir,
> I set up an automatic e-mail for my trading using robot and place the
> robot in VPS.
> The problem are, every time the robot send me an e mail, that e mail is
> identified as a scam and send me following e mail :
> Our UCE (spam) detectors have been triggered by a message you received:-
>   From: syahrir.hamzah at
>   Subject: EA WAVEDIR
>   Date: Wed Sep 16 19:00:09 2015
> This message has not been delivered. The detectors that were triggered are
> spam, SpamAssassin.
> The message to you has been detected as spam based on either its contents
> or
> the mail server which sent the message to us, or both.
> If you have any questions about this, or you believe you have received
> this message in error, please contact the site system administrators.
> Your system administrators will need the following information:
>   Server name:
>   Message id: 42D0521BD0.A9113
>   Date code: 20150916
> The above e mail only one of many e-mail which is send to me, means it
> could happen by different robot and different date.
> I use the same e mail address (syahrir.hamzah at as receiver but
> I use syahrir.hamzah at as a sender.
> I usually use Google chrome, and windows 8.1 at my computer.
> I need to accept my e mail directly and do not filter using your mail
> scanner software.
> Thank you so much for your attention and help.
> Regard : Syahrir.
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