Scam message which is not a scam.

Syahrir Hamzah syahrir.hamzah at
Mon Nov 9 07:15:16 UTC 2015

Dear Sir,

I set up an automatic e-mail for my trading using robot and place the robot
in VPS.
The problem are, every time the robot send me an e mail, that e mail is
identified as a scam and send me following e mail :

Our UCE (spam) detectors have been triggered by a message you received:-
  From: syahrir.hamzah at
  Subject: EA WAVEDIR
  Date: Wed Sep 16 19:00:09 2015
This message has not been delivered. The detectors that were triggered are
spam, SpamAssassin.

The message to you has been detected as spam based on either its contents or
the mail server which sent the message to us, or both.

If you have any questions about this, or you believe you have received
this message in error, please contact the site system administrators.

Your system administrators will need the following information:
  Server name:
  Message id: 42D0521BD0.A9113
  Date code: 20150916

The above e mail only one of many e-mail which is send to me, means it
could happen by different robot and different date.
I use the same e mail address (syahrir.hamzah at as receiver but I
use syahrir.hamzah at as a sender.
I usually use Google chrome, and windows 8.1 at my computer.

I need to accept my e mail directly and do not filter using your mail
scanner software.

Thank you so much for your attention and help.

Regard : Syahrir.
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