filename.rules.conf reload and tests

Sylvain Viart sylvain at
Fri Mar 6 05:19:52 GMT 2015


>>     Also, there's no test suite, is there a plan to put the code
under test?

On 05/03/2015 16:41, Mailborder at Gmail wrote:
> MailScanner was at a development pause for a long time. There will
> eventually be a new website and a proper release cycle where there
> will be a testing release (alpha,beta) along with production releases
> (current, stable). That might take some time though.

Yes, I see that the code was in a huge pause. About testing, I'm
speaking about to start writing code testing and unit testing, about
some folder holding a test suites… Not really about testing stage level
you mention. Sorry for the confusion.

[reloads pattern in filenames.rules.conf dynamically without reload.]
> Post your reload request here:

I will. But if you know some part of code you can point me about that
feature, I can start modifying.
I will also need to put the code under testing do achieve that. ;-)


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