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Sorry, i’ll mail you directly next time. Thanks for your reply.

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Mailborder is a mail gateway, not a mail server. However, sometime in the future I may explore the option of adding that capability into a separate Mailborder product that could attach to the Mailborder cluster.

In the future, the Mailborder website would be a better place for questions about Mailborder, or you can just email me directly.

Jerry Benton

On Mar 5, 2015, at 4:09 AM, Michele Schillaci <michele.schillaci at bmservice.it<mailto:michele.schillaci at bmservice.it>> wrote:

Hi there, i know that maybe isn’t the right place to ask this but i’ll try: any plans to make a mailborder installation act like a real mail server?
Sorry if I’m mistaken.

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