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Jerry Benton jerry.benton at
Tue Mar 3 13:08:57 GMT 2015

I spoke with Jules regarding the Phishing sites. We are deprecating the old system. I have rewritten the update script to use:

phishing.bad.sites.custom + phishing.bad.sites.conf

and +

- If the custom file does not exist, it will create it. In this file you would put your custom lists. This removes the problem of my original method where it clobbered any custom entries you had. It is also a lot easier from the administrator end (you) to maintain. 

- The scripts currently use but that will be moved to soon. It will not matter which one you use as it will be the same exact thing.

- I updated the bad site generator to not include popular URL shortening services like and The complete list is on this page: and I will gladly add anything you think should be added. If you already have a large list of safe items, you can email them directly to me in a text file.

- The new cron jobs are also here: These will be included in the next release of MailScanner. 

Jerry Benton

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