Duplicated messages

Mark Adams mark at workshopit.co.uk
Tue Jul 28 14:14:17 UTC 2015

Hi All,

If anyone could provide advice that would be great. Running Debian Wheezy
Mailscanner 4.79.11-2.2

Our incoming dir filled up just before the weekend so we didn't see the
issue for a couple of days. Normally we would just shut down mailcleaner
and delete the dir then start it up again and all would be ok. However on
this occasion, the root partition also become full because of the mysql DB
(it got to 14G in 2 days..).

For some reason everything started duplicating. I can see lots of incoming
messages in the exim logs with duplication (2 or 4 of what looks like the
same email) but in the mailscanner database there is hundreds of each email
listed (apparently there was over 9 million messages delivered on 1 day
compared with the server average of about 1500!)

It seems like some sort of loop, but afaik nothing specific was changed in
the config apart from the fact incoming became full. Space has been cleared
on the root partition and incoming, and everything appears to be running as
normal right now.

Any advice on debugging this would be much appreciated, also, how best
should I clear out the DB of all the dupes?

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