Mailscanner and Base64

Lev Nagdimunov levnagdimunov0 at
Fri Jul 10 01:20:42 UTC 2015


I reported this issue earlier and was told there was not time to fix it then. Wondering if this is still the case, or if someone can point me at least approximately to where code dealing with base64 would be located in Mailscanner's source. 

The issue is that Mailscanner will change the length of 
encoded (at least base64 encoded) email on anything greater than 60 
characters down to 60 characters in the spool file for Exim. For any DKIM 
signed email, this will break the body hash. Normally it's not a problem
 since it's already been processed by the MTA at that point, but if you 
do a blind forward afterward then it is a problem. 

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