v4.85.1-0 tarball beta

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Thu Feb 26 10:21:28 GMT 2015

Le 26/02/2015 09:14, Jerry Benton a écrit :
> The script should be in the /opt/MailScanner directory. If you had
> MailScanner already installed, you need to update the soft link to
> the new directory. (MailScanner-4.85.1-0) The new version should be
> in /opt

That's not how the gentoo ebuild works. Gentoo installs everything from 
source, so it needs to start from the tarball rather than an rpm-type 
package, but it installs things the gentoo way in /usr/lib64, /usr/sbin 
and so on rather than using the install scripts in the tarball and 
putting things under /opt.

Indeed, it's nice to see that your tarball contains only the Mailscanner 
code, without all the perl modules that Julian used to bundle. Far more 
in keeping with the gentoo philosophy :-)

Anyway, the check_modules.sh script warns about Inline::C and 
File::ShareDir::Install (and Mail::ClamAV, but that doesn't matter as 
I'm using clamd). MailScanner --version lists Inline as an optional 
module and doesn't mention File::Sharedir::Install at all.

Should I care? MS runs quite happily without these modules.


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