v4.85.1.0 Beta for Linux RPM Available

Paul A Sand pas at unh.edu
Wed Feb 18 16:03:41 GMT 2015

* Jerry Benton <jerry.benton at mailborder.com> [2015-02-18 10:52]:
> [tnef] is listed for RHEL 5 and 6. Only 6 works. (5 isn’t actually
> available from EPEL for some reason.) There is nothing for 7. That is why
> I built an RPM for it from source. The new installer tries to install it
> from Yum. If it can’t, it will install it from the RPM I made if you elect
> to do so. 

I submitted a bug on this:


The maintainer says he'll take a look over the weekend. (His attempted
build for el5 back in 2011 failed.)

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